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Penemuan-penemuan manusia yg aneh

1. Pocket Chair

Spoiler for Pocket Chair:

kursi yg bisa dibawa kemana-mana.. bisa dimasukin ke kantong juga. agak aneh ya gan

Take a seat anywhere with amazing chair that fits in your pocket

2. Aerosleeper
Spoiler for Aerosleeper:

ane juga gatau gan ini fungsi nya apa . katanya sih untuk membantu tidur selagi dipesawat

Now you can sleep comfortably on airplanes during long flights

3. Keyboard Silencer
Spoiler for Keyboard Silencer:

wkwk benda yang satu ini emang ga penting banget gan

Need a quiet keyboard? Thanko’s keyboard cover helps in reducing the noise and also protects your keyboard from dust and water.

4. Bed Sheet Tucker
Spoiler for Bed Sheet Tucker:

nah benda yang satu ini nih berguna buat orang yang males beresin kasur gan wkwk

Changing the sheets on thick, heavy mattresses can strain your back and break fingernails.

Simply slide this ingenious device with its ergonomic handle between the mattress and box spring to raise the mattress and tuck in the sheet at the same time.


12" long.

5. The SlipQuit
Spoiler for The SlipQuit:

nah ini nih penemuan paling ga penting di trit ane gan wakakak

Cool backpack with self-inflating slide that will help you escape.

6. Nose Stylus
Spoiler for Nose Stylus:

benda yang satu ini bisa dikatakan "cukup" berguna gan wkwk . kalo agan-agan lagi mandi,benda ini berguna agar hape agan ga basah. atau pada pekerjaan lainnya.oh iya ini khusus buat hape yang touchscreen lo.. hehe

Finger-nose stylus was designed for people who use their cell phones in the bathtub. This cool invention will allow them to firmly hold the phone with one hand and navigate with their nose.

This device is also perfect for people who love to do many things at once.

7. Bicycle Roof
Spoiler for Bicycle Roof:

nah kalo penemuan yang satu ini pasti agan-agan udah pada tau buat apa hehe.. biar ga kehujanan dan ga kepanasan hehe

Waterproof hood is supported by two arches and additional side protection can be unfolded when needed. Adaptable to any bike, the system can be installed or removed in just 2 minutes.

8. High Heel Protector Cap
Spoiler for High Heel Protector Cap:

kalo penemuan yang satu ini.. cocok buat sista2 nih hehe.. biar high heel nya ga cepet rusak hehe

Never sink into the grass again with SoleMates heel protector cap.

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