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Saab upgrades Finnish Navy vessels

Saab upgrades Finnish Navy vessels

FNS Raahe-71.

30 June 2010 -- The defence and security company Saab is upgrading the combat and fire control system for the Finnish Navy's Rauma class missile boats. The contract also includes an industrial cooperation agreement. The order is valued at approximately MSEK 220.

"With this order, we are extending our already firm and long partnership with the Finnish Navy, while also broadening and deepening our experience of developing and integrating naval command and control systems," says Gunilla Fransson, Head of the Security and Defence Solutions business area at Saab.

The vessels were delivered at the beginning of the 1990s and they will now undergo a mid-term modification with Saab performing the work as a sub-contractor to Patria Aviation. Saab is upgrading the vessels' combat and fire control systems to 9LV Mk4, the fourth generation naval command and control system.

The aim is for the completely renovated vessels to have operational readiness from the start of 2014. The project also includes an industrial cooperation contract.

The work will begin in August 2010, with the first system delivery in November 2012. The remaining three systems will be delivered in 2013.

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