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Long-lasting blush Lips How to order

Beauty Tips Tricks: How To Long-lasting lip blush applying lipstick to the lips are easy to do anytime. But, what if you need to perform optimally in a condition that is not possible to repeat the outward appearance of lipstick many times?

Long-lasting blush Lips How to order According to Peter Philips, makeup artist and creative director of Chanel Makeup, cangat easy way. Just do the following five steps in order to maintain the perfection of a long stick lipstick color on the lips, as reported from

- Formula sparkling
If you want durable, just use that lipstick or Sheen shiny lipstick formula. Scintillation effects because the formula is derived from the pearl pigment and not because of the texture of lipstick ingredients. Its not too moist and creamy lipstick long-lasting color.

- Colors are very bright or very dark
Lipstick with a nude color or neutral, the formula tends to make the lips dry and faded fast. For the lips look more steal the show and durable, just choose a lipstick with a very bright color, or vice versa, very dark. That's because the lipstick contains more color pigment.

- Prepare the lip
Before applying lipstick, always prepare your lips. Used to clean the skins off using a towel soft fabric. Then use a lip balm, let stand a minute to soak into the lips. After that just wear lipstick.

- Pencil lip
Lip pencil can add a layer of pigment and help maintain the color of lipstick. Choose a lip liner whose color matching the color of your lipstick. Simply create a thin line on the inside edge of your lips, before using lipstick.

- Powder
When finished applying lipstick, lips closed in a state, apply a thin face powder using a large soft brush. This method can also membat long lasting color.

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