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Test Vehicle Emission Test, Please!

In an effort to environmental concerns and to determine the level of air pollution of the city of Medan, on Thursday (6/10/2011) and Medan City Environment Agency (BLH) in collaboration with the Institute of Environmental Health Engineering (BTKL) MOH doing a free motor vehicle emissions testing in Sisingamangaraja Medan road.

Such emission test is increasingly being done in various big cities in Indonesia to determine the potential for increased air pollution, in connection with the increasing number of vehicles each year has increased.

According to the Joint Indonesian Automotive Industries (Gaikindo) and the Indonesian Motorcycle Industry Association (AISI) the number of motor vehicle population in Indonesia in 2010 reached 50,824,128 units. The number of vehicles continues to grow 10-15 percent in recent years. Even in 2014 car sales in the country is estimated to reach 1 million units.

While an increasing number of these vehicles, there are fears increased pollutant gases in the air emanating from the vehicle exhaust. This concern is reasonable because, according to World Bank survey, 70% of air pollutants generated by motor vehicles and the remaining 30 percent were contributed by industry, households, and other pollution sources.
Rising substances that pollute the air pollutants caused by exhaust gases produced motor vehicles has exceeded a specified threshold value.

According to LH Decree No.05 of 2006, that the threshold for gas HC (hydro carbon), CO (Carbon Monoxide), and levels of opacity (smoke for diesel vehicles) can be seen in the following table:

From the above table it appears that the levels of HC and CO gas for two-wheeled vehicles (L) and four-wheel (M, N, O) and opacity levels of diesel-fueled vehicles has been established with clear figures and every motor vehicle shall not exceed that number.

In testing of emissions, there is a difference between gasoline and diesel, gasoline-fueled vehicles which are measured it is an element of CO (Carbon monoxide), HC (Hydrocarbons), O2 (Oxygen), CO2 (Carbon dioxide) and Lambda. But whether or not pass the emissions test requirement, which is seen only CO and HC levels only. While diesel-fueled vehicles is seen is the value opasitasnya (puff of smoke).

Effects of air pollution caused by motor vehicle exhaust emissions is in addition to damaging the environment and lead to global warming, has adversely affected the health particularly the lungs, kidneys, heart, reproductive cells, and eye irritation. In fact, according to research at Harvard University School of Public Health, Boston, USA, on 202 children aged 8 to 11 years revealed that air pollution can lead to child's IQ and mental retardation due to squatting often inhale carbon black (carbon black) which is a particle emitted vehicle exhaust .

Seeing the increasing number of motor vehicles and any resulting impacts of air pollution, it's time to test vehicle emissions testing. In addition to knowing the vehicle engine health, air pollution levels can be controlled so that a dangerous disease, environmental degradation, and global warming can be avoided.

Tips To Pass Emissions Test
In order for your vehicle pass the emissions test, the following points need to be considered.
First, use the fuel according to engine specifications. Avoid using gasoline oktannya value smaller than the recommended factory.
Second, make sure the air filter is clean or new. Clean with compressed air to remove the fine dust grains in the air filter.
Third, check the condition of the spark plug. If the spark plug ceramic head brownish white mark engine in good condition. But if dry blackish indicates incomplete combustion will produce contaminants.
Fourth, make sure the exhaust from the engine along the channel until the end of the pipe does not leak out. A slight leak channel, can affect the values ​​of emission test results.
Fifth, do the tuning (tune up) your vehicle regularly.

Once ready with the tips above, do the emission test to the workshop recommended that the conduct has obtained the certification emission test. If the vehicle passed the test, pass the test will be given stickers and a book / card that contains the description of emission testing.

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