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Video Recording Rape Karombasan wanea southern city of Manado

Video Recording Rape Karombasan wanea southern city of Manado - Women Rape Photos Karombasan wanea southern city of Manado. Efforts hunting four suspects captive for 15 hours with the rape of a 18-year-old woman in South Karombasan, Environment 1, District Wanea, city of Manado, 17 days ago, finally paid off on Tuesday (10.25.2011) at 14.00 pm.

Car Investigation Team (Resmob) AKP-led Special Police Flammable B Torondek, succeeded in crippling MS (18), residents Ranotana Weru, Environment 1, District Wanea. A bullet is on the right foot succeeded in crippling MS attempting to escape. While three other suspects, namely ST, RS, and As is still at large.

"Oh doctor, oh, oh sick," said MS gunshot wounds while undergoing treatment for one hour at Bhayangkara Hospital before being taken to the Police of Manado for the examination.

MS and three colleagues, as reported, on October 8 in the morning and then, holding a girl near the North Sulawesi Provincial Police Headquarters. Under knifepoint, MS and three others took turns raping the victim. Sadistic, these young actors record their actions by using a cell phone camera. Luckily the victim managed to escape when the assailant fell asleep due to intoxication.

In front of police officers who interrogated her MS had to confess. While the victims who came accompanied NENY Rahmawati of the Institute of Child Law Bantuah, declined to comment and go straight to the protection of women and children (PPA) Police

The victim had to make sure the MS one of the three suspects. He only hoped that all perpetrators of rape perpetrators were arrested, and punished accordingly. "They beat us If may Kase (they were) sent to prison," said the woman from this Amurang.

Currently, victims are still worried, because the tape rape suspects held by others are still outstanding. MS themselves admitted the rape scene footage taken suspect ST.

NENY Rammawati reward urged law enforcement agencies with criminal suspects as heavy weight. "Kudos to the police that seeks to uncover the case. There are still other suspects at large, to be pursued immediately arrested. The perpetrators severely punished," he said.

MS caught at his home in Ranotana Weru. MS is a teen drop-outs with the characteristics of hepatocellular left foot tattooed and worked as a motorcycle taxi drivers. The presence of known perpetrators while visiting his girlfriend in the village of Sukur, North Minahasa.

After the breakout two weeks more, MS ran out of money so back to his house, took the money, then prepare an escape attempt again. As reported, the 19-year-old victim worked at one pub in Manado. He lived in the outhouse, away from parents who are divorced.

One day before midnight, he drove a cab ride home seprofesinya friends. He then returned home alone, to the boarding place in Malalayang. However, when walking in Bethesda Street, near North Sulawesi Provincial Police headquarters, MS greeted him, invite him to participate.

The victim refused, but finally was forced to participate because of the dagger knives mugged. "We are afraid, They stripped hold-up man, a ride in bibs (I fear, they force the hold-up man and I climbed into the car) there are four people. They beat us take it at home, in Pakowa if not mistaken," said the victim.

He was then taken to a house in the area Pakowa, Wanea. He put in air-conditioned room, resting on the carpet. Dikat her hands, her eyes covered with cloth. The victim claimed not to know the young men, he only knew two of the four young actors rapist.

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