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Beautiful Skin Secrets of Korea Park Min-young Artists

Latest News Artist Korea 2011 - Actress Park Minyoung known to have a smooth skin. He got special tips to keep skin smoothness. What is it?

Park Min Young Photo Gallery
Park Min Young Photo Gallery

The first is adequate sleep. Minyoung several times stated via Twitter that he always found time to sleep as much as possible.

"I sleep very long time and feel good. It's still Bok Cho, do not forget to eat healthy foods," wrote Minyoung Soompi reported on Wednesday (10/26/2011). Bok Cho was the hottest day in summer.

The second is to make sure to always take care of the face. He claimed to always pay attention to skin care face.

"I focus on skin care. If the skin is not cared for, your skin will get mad at you," continued Minyoung.

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